2022 - League of Humane Voters of New Jersey Endorsements

November 8, 2022 Election Day

LOHVNJ is a non-partisan organization. For endorsement purposes, our election committee makes no distinction between cruelty to companion or domestic animals, and cruelty to wildlife.

In certain cases, LOHVNJ has factored in votes cast during the previous sessions or past positions held by candidates.

County Elections

Bergen County Executive: Jim Tedesco


LOHV-NJ enthusiastically endorses Jim Tedesco for Bergen County Executive. Here's a statement from Jim:

When I first ran for County Executive in 2014, I was honored to have the support of the League of Humane Voters, and since taking office, I am proud to say that my office has maintained a strong relationship with the organization. We have worked together on important animal protection issues that impact our County including working with the Board of Freeholders (now Commissioners) to adopt an ordinance banning wild/exotic animal shows on county property, and just a few weeks ago, adopting an ordinance requiring the use of humane/non lethal methods of controlling the Canada Geese population.

In regards to conservation, in 2018 the County adopted two baby Mountain Lions at the request of the Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife, and in 2021, the County joined the red wolf conservation effort by adopting two red wolves, helping repopulate this critically endangered species.

Finally, my administration is currently in the midst of vital renovations at the County's Animal Shelter, which will double the capacity of our dog kennel and allow for the continued expansion of programming.

As the last eight years dictate, you know my phone is always on, my office is always accessible, and I am always willing to sit down and listen when issues arise. I look forward to continuing our strong partnership and hope to have your support in my bid to seek a third term as County Executive.

Bergen County Commissioners:

Thomas Sullivan, Mary Amoroso, Germaine M. Ortiz

Pro-Animal Record:

Monk Parakeets: On 6/2/2021, Bergen County Board of Commissioners supported the passage of A4324/S2640 so that the monk parakeet is no longer considered a potentially dangerous species AND strongly encourages utility companies not to remove nests during the breeding season and to work with avian rehabilitators to increase the survival rate of birds removed from the nest during emergencies.

Canada Geese: Bergen County Commissioners passed Ordinance 22-10 on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, requiring the humane control of Canada Geese and other waterfowl on County lands!

Circus Ban: Commissioner Thomas Sullivan voted for the circus ban on all county lands. The other two commissioners were not on the board at that time.


Sussex County Commissioners:

Damaris Lira & Camila DiResta



U.S. Congress Endorsements

District 1: Donald Norcross (D)

District 3: Andy Kim (D)

District 5: Josh Gottheimer (D)

District 6: Frank Pallone Jr. (D)

District 7: Tom Malinowski (D)

District 9: Bill Pascrell (D)

District 10: Donald Payne Jr. (D)

District 11: Mikie Sherrill (D)

District 12: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)


Scorecard provided by Humane Society Legislative Fund


If you love animals, please DO NOT vote for these candidates:

Doug Holden: Running for Bergen County Commissioner, supported and orchestrated the bow hunt in Saddle River. Holden, a self-proclaimed hunter, is a staunch supporter of the program and has routinely publicly chastised other Saddle River residents who express their opposition to the deer hunt during the public comment session of Mayor & Council meetings. 

Jill Space & William Hayden: Both running for Sussex County Commissioner. Hayden is endorsing Jill Space. Jill Space supports and is promoting the bear hunt.